Gable Bag Tuck End

As clear from the name itself, gable bag tuck end option is a great way for giving away food items from a takeaway booth. Their functionality can range from sending off combo meals, to holding grocery items. They can accommodate all your packaging needs. Small objects that include make-up, raw meat, medicines and some clothing that look perfect in a bag like this one. Raw fresh food items like vegetables and fruits are best suited to be held in these boxes.

  • Description

The functionality this box provides is a tuck end at the bottom. This is very useful since there are three flaps that interlock in order to provide strength at the base. Your best bet is a gable bag with tuck end when you require strong base for delicate items. This type of design stops the contents from clumping up the box, giving ultimate form for retaining the content’ shape and avoiding their spoilage. The assembly time of this box is fairly quick, so do not hesitate to contact us of you have any issues assembling the box.

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