Lock Cap Auto Bottom

For a whole range of different packaging options, auto bottom is a preferred choice for many companies. It can hold a multiple of products.  Auto lock boxes are perfect for packaging products such as retail pharmaceuticals and food products. Having automatic bottom closure, multiple openings exist from the top which provides great utility and functionality to our customers who have large orders. However, there is no limit to order size, we give you the option of ordering whichever quantity that you desire.

  • Description

The lock cap auto bottom option is available with an affixes bottom closure. The assembly of this box is way too simple since all you have to do is squeeze and the box pops into its original shape. If you observe the top of this box, it has a lid with locking sleeves that will into the side cuts or inside the box itself. Furthermore, the front tabs locks itself securely into position once the lid is closed. The opening of the box is ingenious in a sense that it does open like a normal box. By pressing the front panel down, auto lock cap pops right open from its slot. These boxes are ideal for holding electronics, food deliveries, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

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