Multi-Purpose Header Card

We, at the, offer you a variety of header card printing solutions which will satisfy your requirements. A tiny hole is at the top of the sleeve of this box in order to hang it and showcase it to the audience. This can hold a variety of different products like electronics, jewelry and other small products that are on display in the market.

  • Description

The design of the header card is simply just a base card with a flap on top. Different artwork can be printed on the top of the flap which can hold the information regarding the product. These cards are usually hanged on a steel rod protruding from a wall. You can staple your products against this card and just hang them right away, it’s as simple as that. Companies that produce small products can utilize these packaging options and save a lot from the cost on packaging. The key feature of this design is the hole punched at the top which provides great utility and functionality in terms of showcasing the product.

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