Custom Serum Boxes

Serums are skincare products on steroids because they provide such great benefits to your skin if applied in your usual skincare routine, after taking off makeup and before putting on moisturizer, they make your skin one even tone, taking away redness and tightening pores, making sure to penetrate you skin deep and give the best effect possible, without causing any harm and giving you the best possible result but there are different serums for different problems and this is the reason why they need custom Serum packaging that will make the serum stand out and show it’s best properties, not to mention attract more attention. Cosmetic Boxes Packaging give you the best deals on custom serum boxes, providing you with the quality boxes that can give you the bang you need to stand out in an aisle full of thousand different serums.

  • Description

Serums are there to protect your skin and give you a healthier look overall, making your skin look younger and healthier. All beauty gurus stand by Serums as they know the importance of those in the skincare regiment. Our company provides you with the wholesale serum boxes that are perfect for your product and that eventuates the advantages of the serum that you provide over others, if it is hydrating and moisturizing. This can help the client pick your product over the others and can make a world of difference, not to mention give your company a boost because nowadays, it’s more about unique packaging than the actual product.

Design Consultation

Cosmetic boxes packaging provides you with some of the best services as we provide you with a full design team that can help you make a design with free consultation; our team is highly professional and quite patient so they make sure to fulfil all your changes for your customized serum boxes and needs according to your wishes, without any qualms and problems. They also provide templates for business owners, who need an idea or are having a hard time choosing,

Die and Plate

Die and Plate in US can cost up a fortune and can leave a huge dent in your bank account, these are many companies that actually charge you more for this but not here at Cosmetic Boxes packing, we provide you with the best Die and plate, and completely free of charge!

Free shipping

If all that was not enough, we at Cosmetic Boxes packaging thrive for a good customer service and are here for you, we make sure to give you more in less and also provide you with free shipping all over USA, the shipping maybe free, but the quality is not, our shipment is delivered in 10-15 days an can be faster in emergencies, taking only up to 7 days.

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