Disc Folder

Made from the highest quality card stock material, disc folders are shaped as a book in order to encapsulate a CD or DVD. Apart from their usual use i.e. storage of movie discs, these folder type packaging can be used to store a company’s important information. Thus, these Disc folders can be custom made in whatever size and printed in all type of color schemes. It is worth noting that the type of material we use is recyclable, for we are concerned with environment changes.

  • Description

If you are looking for storing your disc drives, then this folder packaging is the best option for you. Whether you’d like to keep multiple disc drives in one folder, there’s an option where we can add multiple sleeves on both sides. This can be achieved by order custom dis folders with your logos or artwork printed on them. Huge discounts are offered on this product since they are easy to ship and are pre-assembled. All you have to do is insert your disc and enjoy the package.

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