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Cosmetic Boxes

Makeup is the best thing that has happened to this planet. It is definitely the most loved thing all over the world. Back in 60’s, makeup was just for women but now in the modernism, even men are embracing their inner artists and surprisingly enough, beauty industry has seen some of the best emerging makeup artists to be men! Because of their sickening skills, the trend of makeup has just changed! Once, makeup was about looking good but now makeup is all about bringing out the artist in you and creating beautiful yet crazy looks!

Role of Packaging

With all these makeup trends changing, people now have even more awareness of what they want in their products. People want their makeup products to be gentle on the skin, with no harsh chemicals, cruelty-free, and made from natural ingredients. And apart from all that, people also want their products to be elegant and attractive. So due to this, the conditions of market demands have been shifted. Now, packaging of the products matters equally as the actual quality of the makeup products. When you change the packaging style of your products, a lot of things change accordingly. This will benefit you in the longer run.

Branding and Sales

The most important thing to any brand is definitely the sales of the products they manufacture along with the position they have in market. The most important role played by a good packaging style is that it changes the sales rate. When your products are displayed on the shelf in attractive boxes, attention will automatically be driven towards it. The one thing that affects the buyer’s buying attitude is how the product looks. If there is a box which has no design, and the paper quality is also low, there is no chance someone would buy it. People will assume it for being unhygienic and bad quality. So the perfect way of increasing your sales and maintaining a good position in the market is through high quality packaging of your makeup products!

Makeup Products and Box Styles

As vast as the field of cosmetics is, so is the packaging industry. For every makeup product, there is a different style and type of box. And you, as a makeup brand, can always get the boxes varyingly. Mentioned below are some examples of box styles and the makeup products they are used for:

  • Sleeve Boxes

These are the boxes that are also called slide in boxes. This is quite a commonly used style of box in packaging, not just for makeup products but other industries as well. Custom Eyelash Box is the most popular type of box with this box style. These boxes usually have a window bar on the top to showcase the product’s perfection.

  • Tuck in Boxes

This is also a quite popular style for boxes. In this box, the upper flap is tucked inside the box to ensure that the box is closed. Now with this style, you can either get double end tuck in box or you can get single side tuck in with sealed bottom. This box style is used for serums, lipsticks, foundation, lip gloss, primer, setting powder, and sprays.

  • Rigid Boxes

This type of box is made from layers of chipboard, which makes it extremely hard. Mostly, these boxes come with a top flap and magnetic closure. These boxes are perfect for delicate products like eyelashes. Not only these boxes look sturdy, they are super elegant as well.


Customized packaging gives you the liberty of playing around with how you want your product boxes to be like. All of the box styles that have been mentioned above, their shape and size can be altered according to your needs and of course, the product as well. The best way to explain it would be that if you want the packaging of your eyelashes to be unique, you can use the rigid box style and change the shape of the box to triangular or rectangular.


cosmetic Boxes

The one thing that attracts people towards your product is the design. On a beautiful packaging box, if there is an elegant design, it would look ten times more innovative and attractive. The key to attract people is the innovation you reflect in your product’s packaging. Getting customized packaging means that you will have a team of designers by your side who will come up with the kind of design you need. This will change the entire outlook of your product line. You can even follow a specific theme to make the product a lot more interesting.

Finishing Styles

Along with the liberty of playing with design, you can also change the way your product looks. This means that if you want to make the packaging fancier, you can get the design or text, embossed or foiled up. This will add to the elegance of your product. Another plus point is that you can even decide if the look should be matte or glossy. For a better performance of your product boxes, you can get aqueous coating or UV spot coating.

Quality Printing

Last but not the least, printing. The most important thing that adds the final touch of quality to all your hard work. The design and the text printed by using a premium ink will perform even better and will not fade or smudge everywhere. To get makeup boxes for any of your cosmetic products, you can get in touch with

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